Salvation Mountain & Joshua Tree's Cholla Cactus Garden

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

There are a lot of pictures in this post, but it was my first time visiting Salvation Mountain, so I had a hard time choosing favorites! And while I've been to Joshua Tree National Park many times, this last visit was the first time I got to see the Cholla Cactus Garden. It just so happened to be sunset as we were passing through the park on our way into 29 Palms, and it was the perfect time to take photos. The sunset was reflecting off the mountains and cast a beautiful pink-ish, orange-y hue over everything.  

Tips for visiting the Mojave desert:
- Fill up on gas ALL THE WAY!
- Bring lots of water (these first two may sound obvious, but there's really not a lot of places to buy gas and water along the road. Cell phone reception is very spotty once you get off the freeway. By the time you get to the next stop/area of civilization you will probably need to refuel/stock up on water again!)
- Cooling towels and battery-operated mister fans might look incredibly dorky, but you'll be glad to have both when walking around places like Salvation Mountain and Joshua Tree during the day - there's hardly any shade to be found, and even then, temperatures regularly break 100 degrees F.
- SUNSCREEN - the highest SPF you can find.
- Pack a picnic lunch. Once you pass Palm Springs, there's really not a lot of food options for at least another hour, until you get to Joshua Tree or 29 Palms.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my romper is from Tasi Malibu.

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