La Gatica Vintage is a carefully selected collection of ever-rotating vintage finds.  Our treasure chest of clothing and accessories has been scoured from all over the world just for you by me (Vanessa), that crazy person you see running in heels, in traffic, to the right on your screen.  I am a Los Angeles-based stylist and writer.  If you'd like to see a portfolio of my styling work and experience, please click here to visit my Tumblr!  

La Gatica Vintage translates to "Little Cat" in Dominican-slang-Spanish, which is the only kind of Spanish I can sort of pretend to know, thanks to many afternoons spent roughly translating American soap operas for my Abuela.  And yes, we are major cat people around here (but we love dogs, too!  Hey, vegetarians, amirite?).

La Gatica Vintage combines everyday practicality and dreamy femininity to achieve a unique vintage-clothing shopping experience for our customers.  We are passionate about the history of fashion, and love to share our knowledge with readers and customers here on our blog.

We also strive to give our customers everything they need, and to provide them with an amazing shopping experience.  If there's an item you're dreaming of, but haven't had any luck finding it on your own, reach out - we would love to do our best to find it for you!  If you saw an item in our shop awhile ago that has been sold or unlisted, but you just can't get it out of your head, tweet/instagram/email us - we may have doubles, or we may have taken down the listing due to seasonal updates - in any way we can, we will help you score that swag!  And it's not just La Gatica items we're in love with...  If you have a favorite treasure piece that you're having trouble identifying the era of, tweet us a photo and a close-up of the tag, we would love to do our best to help you with that I.D.  We LOVE our LGV customers and want YOU to look as fabulous as you feel!

Make sure you stay updated on all of our latest products, contests, and reader-discounts by joining our e-mail list!  Just add your contact info to the box on the right and voila!  It's kinda like we just handed you free money.

xo Vanessa and the LGV team

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