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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I was so happy when Warby Parker reached out to me to write up something for their new Beacon Collection, which launched today online.  I've always been a big fan of Warby Parker, and their new Beacon Collection is true to the WP spirit: chic, versatile, and inspired by beautiful vintage frames. 

My favorite designs from the new collection are the McKee (in moonstone), and the Garrett (in blue slate fade).  I love the vintage feel that they have, and the adventurous colors.  "Grey and blue, adventurous?" - You.  "Shut up and trust me." - Me.  As I'm sure most longtime glasses-wearers can relate to, I've been rocking some version of thick black frames since about 2001.  A few years ago I really shook things up and went tortoise shell.  (I know, insane!)  With my latest frame-upgrade, I was dying to indulge my inner art teacher and get some frames in a funky color.     

Enter the McKee and Garrett options from WP.  I especially love the way the McKee's pair with all of my favorite essentials for a good time this summer: a breezy dress, some hot flats, a cool purse, and unique jewelry old people hate, like ear cuffs, lucite, and knuckle rings worn all at the same time.  Look, I even made you an idea chart:

The design behind the Beacon Collection is inspired by "impromptu, can't-duplicate-them all-nighters", something I just so happen to be extremely well-versed in.  Like, for example, last Saturday when my best friend and I went to Echo Park's monthly basement dance party/mash-up night, "Bootie LA".  It was beach-themed.  We wore black leather and Chanel and sweated our asses off and ran into people I usually have to be professional around.  Nothing quite like a sweaty, summertime dance party in the city.  Except for maybe a fresh new pair of glasses.  

If you guys don't know about Warby Parker, you definitely should.  They're an amazing eyeglass designer and company based in New York.  They do all of their design in-house, to keep the cost of glasses low for the consumer.  PLUS they have an at-home try-out program, which prevents you being stuck with glasses you're not totally in love with.  On top of all that, they do wonderful charitable work by providing free glasses to people in need through their Buy-A-Pair, Give-A-Pair program.  For anybody who has ever struggled to find affordable glasses that they love, you know how truly groundbreaking all of those things are.  

Leave a comment or tweet me what your favorite pair is!  

xo V

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