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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welcome to the La Gatica Vintage blog, where I hope to share all of the inspiration, behind-the-scenes, and in-betweens of running my online shop.  Instead of doing some awkward, drawn-out introduction post, I think it's best if we just jump right into what's going to be going on here, don't you agree?

I love when I walk away from a first meeting with someone feeling like I "get" them a little bit more than before, so I thought an i-phone Photo An Hour post would make for a good meet-cute.  So, here goes...

 9AM: Since I'm on a break, I just let myself wake up whenever.  Lazy?  Maybe.  Relaxing?  Definitely.

10AM: After coffee/e-mail/blogs, I start my morning routine to get ready.  I didn't include it here, but I've been doing oil pulling with coconut oil, too.  I know it sounds gross but it works SO WELL I can't stop!  And yes, I use Sensodyne like a geriatric.  

11AM: I work on some alterations for items for La Gatica Vintage in my mom's awesome studio.  That cat is the size of a toddler and loves to eat fruit.  

12PM: I make the Springtime Strawberry-Lime-Mango Crisp from Oh She Glows.  I love constantly tricking my family into enjoying vegan/vegetarian recipes.  Finding that coconut sugar was a moment of True Excitement. 

2PM: Even though it was sort of sprinkling out, me and my mom decided to amble around downtown Ann Arbor and grab coffee at Biggby.  When in Rome!  

3PM: Ann Arbor has some of the best vintage and thrift shops, because of its proximity to the University of Michigan.  I love checking out what other vintage shops have to offer, since so many vintage items are rare, or one-of-a-kind!  We always have to stop by The Get Up.  The owner has such a great eye, there were so many treasures!  

4PM: When we were trying to decide where to have a late lunch/early-bird special, we stumbled upon this adorable Fairy Garden tucked away in a corner.  I mean, who doesn't love random whimsy?  

4:30PM: We decided to try The Earthen Jar, since as I mentioned before I do love to force my family to enjoy a vegan treat as often as I can.  As you can see, Carnivorous Mom and I loved it.  One day I will sway them for good!  

5PM: On the way home, we picked a ton of lilacs.  They smell UNREAL!  

8PM: Popped over to the neighbors' to feed their cats while they're on vacation.  This little orange and white one greets you by literally jumping onto your head and licking your face.  They also love the smell of shoes.  

9:30PM: Whole wheat pasta with fresh garlic-tomato-basil sauce & fresh parmesan cheese for dinner.  Mmmmm.  If you can't tell, food is big around here.  

10PM:  Watching the SpikeTV roast of Don Rickles with my parents and cat.  Brian Williams and Bob Newheart had us scream-laughing.  Again, common themes are geriatrics and cats.  Always.  

And now I'm off to read some Elbert Hubbard and Game of Thrones (dichotomy!) before filling my nostrils with fresh lilacs from my nightstand and crashing into bed.  A good day.  Some might even say perfect.  I would.  

How was your day?  Let me know in the comments!  

xo V

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